Matmos - After Mud Guts

After Mud Guts


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12" Vinyl Single (Edition 51) 1 track £140.00 Available 27 May 2022
12" Vinyl Single (Ed. 1 to 50) 1 track £40.00 Available 27 May 2022

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Matmos - After Mud Guts

51 Editions is a series of lathe cut 12" vinyl records limited to 51 copies only.

This record is part of the Singularity Series. The Quietus specially commissioned musicians to write long-form pieces, up to 20 minutes, for these releases.

Each record is cut by Bladud Flies! on black vinyl. The disc is one-sided and features an engraving of the 51 Editions logo. Each is specially packaged in the award-winning state51 Atelier. The 51st edition of each record is presented in a unique handmade box.

More details of the design and delivery date will be released over time.

Please note this is a pre-order item. Everything is hand made and good things take time. That said, you can contact us any time on

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12" Vinyl Single (Edition 51) (CON803LPX)
  1. Matmos - After Mud Guts
12" Vinyl Single (Ed. 1 to 50) (CON803LP)
  1. Matmos - After Mud Guts