Lou Terry - Yellow Top

Yellow Top

Lou Terry

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Lou Terry - Yellow Top

Yellow Top is the new single from Lou Terry, released via The state51 Conspiracy.

Lou Terry is a South London-based songwriter, musician and genre-mangler. There’s a sense of slightly mad scientist-esque approaches to Lou’s songwriting. From live set, to bedroom recording, to remix, to studio take, the songs themselves reflect this instability. They’re crooked, full of sharp twists and turns, they bloom and recede, tower and crash.

Yellow Top is a concoction of palm-muted Weezer fuzz and whimsical folk, sensitively combined into a track that is rich with energy, depth and creativity. Set against a background of chattering feedback, Lou uses figurative lyrics to evoke “not being wise to the future, in the sense of not being able to know how certain choices might make you feel, or what they mean, until you try them”.

Terry cites “folk, grunge, experimental electronics, pop, punk” as touchstones - a genre-hopping sensibility that comes across in the wide musical territory covered, as well as its influences, which range from Laetitia Sonami (“an early creator and user of gestural interfaces for music technology”), to Atau Tanaka, to Jaques Brel, to Joanna Newsom.

Whether performing with his band, or on his own, Lou Terry effortlessly captivates his audiences, making them laugh with him and cry with him in equal measure. He once won the heart of John Cooper Clarke who stumbled upon him performing in a pub and was so entranced he missed his train home.

Yellow Top is accompanied by a video featuring earnest shots of Lou singing inside a virtual reality, created by Natascha Farmer and Thomas Diffenthal.


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