Better Corners - Modern Dance Gold, Vol. 1

Modern Dance Gold, Vol. 1

Better Corners

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Better Corners - Modern Dance Gold, Vol. 1

The state51 Conspiracy is proud to announce the debut album by Better Corners, a new group featuring Valentina Magaletti (Vanishing Twin, Tomaga, Nicolas Jaar), Matthew Simms (Wire, Slows, It Hugs Back) and Sarah Register (Kim Gordon, Talk Normal, War Bubble).

--- Drone, noise, experimental, sound art

What happens when three inveterate unconventional music pathfinders such as Valentina Magaletti, Sarah Register, Matthew Simms, combine their experimental trajectories to form a new adventurous project interacting remotely with no predetermined direction? A clash of sounds in a stream of relentless outbursts that holds the listener captive in an untamed forest of sound occasionally brightened by glades of epiphanic breath.

Set in England and in the States, between March and December 2021, Modern Dance Gold: Vol. 1 recounts the first sonic adventure of the trio referred hereafter for more conventional purpose as Better Corners.

This is the jagged sound-scape of a remote interaction shaping up across ether. Not much physical interaction occurred between the musicians who managed to deliver their own distillates adding organic, singular approaches to this magical pot.

The powerful merging of their multifarious background finds renewed drives throughout the eight stations that make up this impressive sonic assemblage – an undaunted secular hymn to the dreads and forethoughts that have haunted our last two years. Prepared piano, pandemic flute, melting metals, modular boxes, lavish vibes and spectral voices lead us from dreaming to waking up abruptly, modulating promises through the dark and the light for a better version of us. Distance, kindness, urge, madness propel this assertive eruption of creative endurance.

Grouper meeting Thelonious Monk for an impromptu jam with the Incapacitans, Muslimgauze, Della Derbyshire, Stars of the Lid, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Kim Gordon, The Creatures, Sunn o))), and Sun Ra: or just forget all these and simply listen to the first chapter of Modern Dance Gold.

14.04.2022 - Ease of Brain Single (digital / video)
05.05.2022 - Living Prayers Single (digital / video)
26.05.2022 - Modern Dance Gold: Vol. 1 Album (digital / 12" vinyl)

Produced by Better Corners
Mixed by Matthew Simms
Mastered by Sarah Register
Art direction, design & layout by Louise Mason
Artwork by Nicola Giunta
All songs composed by Magaletti, Register & Simms / 2022

Better Corners

The state51 Conspiracy


"Who is the most inventive and fascinating drummer of our present era, and why is it Valentina Magaletti? This Italian in London keeps shaping and reshaping percussion in an ever-expanding empire of musical collaborations (see also Tomaga, Holy Tongue, et al)… and here’s another one: a trio of Magaletti with Matthew Simms, a touring member of Wire who was then drafted into the band proper, and Sarah Register, half of no wave duo Talk Normal, esteemed recording engineer and member of Kim Gordon’s band. Magaletti and Register have never met – the archly titled ‘Modern Dance Gold, Vol 1’ was assembled remotely – yet these assemblies of skitter-rhythm, outbursts of fizzy noise, ghosts of dub technique, most-haunted analogue ambience and out-jazz sensibility, feel tactile and reactive. The record opens with what must be 2022’s most loosely defined cover – of Bon Jovi’s ‘Living On A Prayer’ – but once you’re listening for that riff, you’ll hear it." - Noel Gardner, Greedmag


12" Vinyl Album (CONGA1LP)
  1. Living Prayers
  2. Backwards Dance
  3. Cosmic Debt
  4. It Feels Like Forever
  5. Jazz Square RIP
  6. Gallery Dept
  7. Ease of Brain
  8. Promise of Me