NxxxxxS - Formatted Excess

Formatted Excess


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12" Vinyl Album 13 tracks £20.00


NxxxxxS - Formatted Excess

Pronounced ‘N Five X’s’, enigmatic Parisian producer NxxxxxS joined state51 with the release of FORMATTED EXCESS an album which continues to showcase his unique brand of vaporwave-infused Memphis hip-hop.

The state51 Conspiracy


12" Vinyl Album (CON290LP)
  1. NxxxxxS - I Have To Work On My Script
  2. NxxxxxS - It's A (New) Movie
  3. NxxxxxS feat. Soudiere - I Think That You Owe Me
  4. NxxxxxS feat. Ray Fuego - Extended
  5. NxxxxxS - Synthetic Fields
  6. NxxxxxS - Till It Break
  7. NxxxxxS feat. Dj Yung Vamp - I Got It On Me
  8. NxxxxxS feat. Senpu, Von Storm & Inteus - 180 Heaven Hotel
  9. NxxxxxS feat. migu - Formatted Excess
  10. NxxxxxS - No Surprise
  11. NxxxxxS feat. Soudiere - In The Cut
  12. NxxxxxS feat. Senpu - Diamonds, Pt. 4
  13. NxxxxxS feat. Mythic - I Thought You'd Be Working On Your Script