Scrounge - Corner Cutting Boredom

Corner Cutting Boredom


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7" Vinyl Single (Flexi disc) 1 track £10.00


Scrounge - Corner Cutting Boredom

"Corner Cutting Boredom" is the start of a new phase of Scrounge – more adventurous, experimental and melodic than ever before. It’s accompanied by a handmade zine featuring many of their friends from the South London scene, including Liv Wynter, Italia 90, Toby Evans-Jesra, Baggio, Amanda Tooke and more.

The single is available as a digital download as well as a limited edition zine and flexi disc.

On the project, state51 offer "This zine is a snapshot of the south London scene we love so much. We’re extremely grateful to have found ourselves living and working within a grassroots community that's inclusive, accessible, radical and loads of fun. Bands, artists, organisers, writers, agitators, promoters, friends – it's got it all.

The zine documents and celebrates what's going on south of the river and, although this is our small thank you, we're pleased to be a tiny part of something much bigger.

Massive thanks to Ben, Liv, Joe, Rose, Jo, Amanda, Toby, Frankie, James, Andy and State51 for their work"


7" Vinyl Single (Flexi disc) (CON941F)
  1. Corner Cutting Boredom